Perspective and Participation

1. Introduction

Formally registered in the Company Registrar Office of Nepal government under the Company Act, 2063 with 119584/070/071, P & P Multimedia Pvt. Ltd., is an established organization which basically works for the development of social and education sector focusing on 'Perspective' and 'Participation' (thus P& P) in the materials, print and electronic materials it produces. To be more precise, it undertakes study and research on issues related to education and society for the publications in electronic and print media.

2. Medium to meet the target

With an aim of making information accessible to the citizens, journalists working in education-beat for more than 15 years have been publishing education-focused e-paper . News related to policy and practice of education in Nepal, opinions and analysis, success stories are the basic features published in the aforementioned e-paper. Not only focused on the formal educational sectors like schools and universities, it brings forth the issues related to all forms of learning.

Edukhabar has kept all kinds of learning—ranging from technical to professional, life-skills to experience sharing, experimental practices to reform-processes—in its priority. It is alert in protecting the rights of citizens to have a proper access on information related to education. It seriously pays heed to the social, cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity of Nepali society and does not discriminate anyone on these grounds. It duly respects and is loyal to the law of the country. It purely focuses on the reforms in education and is dedicated to publishing materials being precise and objective.

3.Target areas of the organization:

-Production of informative radio and television programs related to issues concerning students, parents, teachers, the state, and the government

-Production of message-conveying materials related to formal and informal education, especially for governmental and non-governmental organizations working on education 

-Conducts studies and research on the areas which are of direct concern to general people on its own or with the help of the experts on the fields. The finding of the studies and researches will be published in print and electronic media

-Provides resources for the research on contemporary issues related to education to researchers and scholars

-Produces documentaries, songs, advertisements, Tele-serials, Tele-films, and full-length feature films, and editing and recording of audio-visual materials

-Organizes programs for mutual sharing of experiences and earned-efficiencies among professionals working in national and international organizations

-Organizes exchange-programs among communication-experts of different countries.

4. Our audience

Our audience is basically comprised of parents, students, and teachers, active governmental and non-governmental organizations working in education sector, policy makers, and education foundations.  Since education cannot be isolated from the larger society, the e-paper is directly and indirectly concerned to the larger society. We believe that the basis of our strength is information. Information can be disseminated through different media.

Human Resource

This organization is initiated and run by the journalists who have more than a decade of experience of reporting and writing in education-beat. They have been writing for mainstream press and electronic media. All of these reporters and writers have raised issues pertinent to education sector in Nepal.

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