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Students Perception on Teaching Pedagogy and Teachers Bahaviour

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The world can be changed through the education and, education system can be developed by the teachers. The policies and rules created by the expert’s team and is formally deployed by the Government Agencies or Constitutional Legislatives. The Teachers are key persons to implement the policy, rules, systems and creative thoughts on students and community.

It is said that Teachers have been teaching or supporting the students but quality of education is not improved due to the self- students, teachers, parents or the Educational Agencies. Scholars  has been doing various research to find out the root causes but finding is no similar although; it is focused the teachers to be more active, positive, innovative and creative for the students life. Many of the researchers found that if teachers have positive attitude; students have been doing frequently progress.

Teachers have to be decisiveness, honesty and integrity, dedication and commitment, resourcefulness, polite and thoughtful (Courtesy), compassion (Human relation), diligence, wisdom, stability under pressure (Tolerance), justice and fairness and, simplicity as a role model of institution and community.


Teachers have been teaching everywhere but how the teaching- learning can be practical and exact result oriented; it is a long discourse. Psychologists, Educationists and Scientists have been devoted on research to make the teaching –learning achievement fruitful but findings is debatable under processes, techniques, strategies, instruments and assessment system.

Most of the students of secondary school consume passive time at their home and most active time is spent at school. I have a macro research that shows parents are accountable for resident, food, cloth and entertainment so; the teachers have to contribute as much as for the teaching –learning time to pay the value of salary and make the nation strong for the new generation.(see the figure:1 time calculation of secondary level students-Nepal)

It is said that students are the milestones of advance country. A Nation invests in education for the quality of men power for qualitative life standard to contribute the state. Teachers are the key implementers of educational cycle. To achieve the quality of education, relation and behaviours among teachers, students and parents determines the achievement.

Every Perception is a process through which human attend to, select, organize, interpret, and remember stimulating phenomena. Although all people are constantly involved in perception and aspects of the process are sometimes similar across individuals (families or cultural groups)’ each person perceives the world in unique ways that are open to a number of influences. It is difficult for us to know what and how each other perceive. Making our perceptions clear to others is an important part of effective communication and mutual understanding. Through perception checking, we give other access to describe of what we think, we experience and interpretations. Then we offer them an opportunity to correct us, to add their interpretations, or to validate our perceptions. Every perception a person has is based upon their own personal experience. People perceive the world differently because no two people have the same experiences. Experience makes us who we are. It shapes our minds and opinions, our likes and dislikes. Therefore, it is difficult to have one ideal definition of certain concepts, such as justice, virtue, and an ideal society. Our experiences color our opinions of people different than ourselves and even our opinion of the dark. The only way to create one perception of reality would be to systemically force everyone to have the same experiences. Fortunately, by using the kind of perception checking skills explored earlier, we can do our best to understand how others are experiencing the world and we can avoid misinterpreting their behavior

Figure: 1. Time consumption of Secondary level students:

If we discuss on the given figure, all the components affects for quality education. Most of Secondary level Nepali students of Public school follow the time as scheduled on figure: 1. All the 24 Hours is calculated and it shows that the time 10 :00 AM to 4:00PM is most valuable due to the activeness of every  child up to matured person. To achieve the array of Education, teachers’ behavior and attitude must be positive and payable of salary after their support and contribution for students and Nation. What makes a good teacher? It  has no single word answer although; I have picked out some tricks on ‘Behaviours of goeacher’ as follows:
1.    Encourage high expectations:

- Set challenging goals for learning.

- Make expectations clear both orally and in writing.

- Set consequences for non-completion of work.

- Encourage students to speak and write well.

- Discuss class progress.

- Communicate importance of high academic standards.

2. Encourage Cooperation among students:

- Ask students to explain difficult concepts to each other.

- Inquire in to students’ interests and backgrounds.

- Encourage students to prepare together for class.

- Allow students to critique each other’s work.

- Create study groups and project teams.

3. Emphasize timeliness:

- Expect students to complete assignments promptly.

- Estimate and communicate the amount of time to be spent on tasks.

- Encourage rehearsal of oral presentations.

- Encourage steady work and sensible time management.
4. Give Feedback:

- Provide sufficient opportunities for assignment.

- Prepare classroom activities that give immediate feedback.

- Return graded assignments within one week.

- Give detailed evaluations of work starting early in the term.

- Give a pre-test at the beginning of the course as background in the subject.

5.    Encourage Student-Teacher Contact:

- Adopt a demeanor (Non-verbal behavior) that communicates you are approachable.

 - Welcome students to drop by your office.

- Respect diverse talents and ways of learning.

6.    Encourage Student involvement:

- Use diverse teaching activities. Encourage active learning and ask students to present work to the class.

- Ask students to relate outside events to class materials.

- Give students real life situations to analyze. Use role playing in class.

- Encourage students to challenge course materials.

With professionalism, every teacher has some good quality but their inner quality is not flourished. In the field of education, there are innumerable challenges and opportunities among them; time consumption in class and teaching learning activity is a discourse but  the secondary level teachers has been doing well to complete course on time. Most of the secondary level teachers doing best practices but the students’ basic knowledge is weak on reading, writing and understanding.

Way forward:

Teachers have three stages to contribute teaching- learning as follows:

I.    Preparation:

Planning, collect or construct instructional materials, study of Teacher’s Guide and supplementary materials, contextual situation and identify the culture, gender, social status, personal differences and parents’ contact for detail information of every students.

II.    Implementation:

- Break student tasks in to manageable ‘Chunks’, increase reinforcement quality of classroom, offer choice, offer help strategy, provide skill instructions, rearrange student seating, teach students to take ‘calm down’ break.

- Teach student-friendly, interactive choice, no discriminative activities, provide equity, use less talking and more collaborative activities in group work, listen more students’ voice and  respect their dignity , roles as facilitator rather than instructor, every student has chance to touch and use the materials, right to questions for understanding and adapt the context.

III.    Achievement:

- Evaluate the outcomes and change of behaviour, provide feedback, encourage for improved achievement, provide chance for all naturally, remember that all can learn in my situation, feel proud for achievement and make happy for next session.

- Provide assignment, project work, innovative task, social and cooperative work, creative and collective activity and model progress.

- Encourage all the students, ‟ I can learn and change my behaviour every day with my teachers.”


Teachers have to feel proud to be a good teacher for students; parents and communities to strengthen the state through education. Remember that the students would be good teacher, engineer, doctor, respectful leader and innovative scientist to contribute energy for the Nation. If you think better future of your child; other parents also remarks on you for their children. Let’s enjoy being teacher and comparing the contribution with others positively. Let we start today for tomorrow and from the perspective view of behavioural not theoretical.

(Naresh Bikram Dhakal: Researcher of PhD in Education, Sri Satya Sai University of Technology and Medical Sciences Sehore, MP India.)