विहीबार, ०६ असार २०८१

"Waste to Best" for further studies

सोमबार, १२ असार २०७४

Sindhupalchowk (Fataksila) - Knowing the importance of education and believing that each student should get a quality education, Class 8-10  of  Shree Kalika Chetana school's students handed their "Waste to Best" project money to their senior friend for further studies.

Waste to best project was done by 8-10 students a year ago.They were able to make profit of Rs.9000/- selling the products made from waste.Students were able to see waste as resources, and they were able to create fine tangible product which were ready to be sold.

They made their society realize that if we have passion to do something we can easily do it,with benefiting their society.

This project not only helped them financially,but it also cleaned their surrounding.

'We as a teacher are so proud to see them being responsible towards society' Teacher of School Mandira Rijal says 'I surely can say if we have a strong will, we can help a flower bloom despite the hard circumstances.'