आइतबार, ०६ जेठ २०८१

‘Corruption, a big challenge to local bodies’

सोमबार, ३० साउन २०७४

Bhaktapur -  Experts have stressed that reducing corruption in local bodies would significantly help securing more financial resources for improving the quality of education. They argue that more investment would be required at the local bodies to fulfill the constitutional responsibility of overseeing secondary level education.

Stakeholders say they are optimistic that the transfer of the responsibility to local bodies would positively contribute public education. The headmasters, teachers and locals of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality have stressed that corruption should be reduced to increase investment in the education. They argue that revenue in the municipality can be increased if corruption goes down.

Experts maintain that overseeing the secondary education is a challenging task for local bodies. They point out the need of additional financial resources to fulfill the responsibility. In order to achieve that income from natural resources can be mobilized, tax net can be expanded and guardians can be encouraged to invest in education, the stakeholders say. Locals of the Madhyapur Thimi Municipality say to implement such types of plans and policies, officials should come up with a blueprint against corruption.

Locals say they want a better image of the Madhyapur Thimi Municipality, which was once listed as the second most corrupt municipality in the country. The roles and responsibilities currently entrusted to the local bodies could be an opportunity to improve the image and a starting point to reduce corrupt practices in the city, according to locals.

Ambar Dali, a local says, he is unhappy that the elected representatives are concerned about personal material benefits. “I felt disappointed that they wanted mobile phones for themselves, the reputation of the city would have gone up if they had invested that money for education.” He is confident that investment in education can be increased if there is no corruption.

Another local Premjan Thapa says he is worried that corruption would go unabated in the municipality. “We are ready to pay taxes but there should be a guarantee that the money would be utilized well and in a transparent manner. There should be no corruption in it.”

Mayor of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality Madansundar Shrestha says he is ready to work in the best interest of the locals. He committed that he would take serious steps to improve education and fight corruption in the city.

“Corruption has affected all walks of life in the country, we are very well aware about this fact. We are committed to remove corruption from its root,” he added.